Conor McGregor has made a formal request to have an international judge as part of the three-man panel his bout against Floyd Mayweather.

This request comes after The Nevada State Athletic Commission revealed that they have received a request from the two boxers to use an 8oz glove instead of the regular 10oz that is standard for their division.

“Conor’s camp has made a request  for a judge from outside the United States and we think it is fair so we will look into it.” Bob Bennett, the chief of NSAC revealed.

“We will try to be as flexible as possible because we care about what the fighters want.”

No Formal Request For Referee

Both fighters have also not made any request for a referee who will be obligated to judge the fight by only boxing rules.

“We have not gotten any request for a referee from outside the United States.” Bennett revealed “we already a lot of referees that are experienced and played a part in big fights so I’m sure we won’t need an international referee.

“We are already working on will be the fight’ referee.”

“The referee who will be in charge of the fight would have a record of partaking in top flight fights and is consistent with the rules of the game, I have also spoken with Conor’s manager to let him know that the rules must be followed.”

McGregor and Mayweather will square up on the 26th of August in Las Vegas.