Diego Costa has revealed that Chelsea are asking for more money more money than they paid to bring him in from Atletico Madrid.

Costa who is still in Brazil after he told via text that he is no longer needed at the club.

Conte however laughed at his claim saying the player knows where he was asked to leave and added: “For me, it is in the past.

“Everyone in Chelsea knows very well what happened last season with Diego.”

A club rep also chipped in “as a Chelsea player we’ve said he should return to Chelsea and that’s where we’ll leave it.”

“When I came to Chelsea they paid a lot less compared to what’s being offered to them,” Costa said.

He stated that if Atletico didn’t make do enough to sign then he “can’t keep on wanting” to play his former club.

“I know that this [big effort] will happen, but if it’s to pay the amount that Chelsea want it won’t be possible,” he said.

Costa was given more time off but is now being fined for refusing to return to the club.

“It’s not my fault that I’m not at the club – if it was down to me I’d be playing,” he said.

“It’s already been one month. Holidays are good but it gets tiresome.”

However, Costa added that it would not be a “fair situation” if he was to return and try to regain his place because Conte is “annoyed” the striker revealed the text message sent by the Italian.