Jordan Spieth has revealed that The Open as one of the ‘easiest’ major that a golfer can win in the build up to The 146th Open at Royal Birkdale.

Jordan Spieth finished the tie in the 30th spot at the Royal Troon late last year and is looking to improve his finish at the Open this year after coming fourth in 2015.

Jordan who is a two-time major’s title winner made it known that it was easier to win an Open title because the draw plays an important role.

“I’ve kind of seen a bit of everything in four years’ time,” said Spieth. “To say that it may be the easiest of the majors to win if you had to pick a major, just because the draw can take out half a field.

“But the type of golf you have to play is totally different than what we see in the other three majors.

“So I’m not saying it’s easy based on competition or anything like that, I’m strictly saying that because a lot of the time some of the fields are thrown out and you’re actually playing against a smaller field, your percentage chances go up.”

Spieth reserved special praise for Jon Rahm who has had an impressive performance this year and won the Irish Open. Stating that believes he the young player would shoot to the top of the ranking soon.